The Very Best in Distance Coaching!

Coastal Performance's distance coaching is designed for those who seek fat loss, increased muscle mass, better athletic performance, and golf fitness. We train clients as young as eight or eighty-five, from the amateur athlete to the new mom to the professional.

Month: $149 / Three-month commitment: $99/mo.

Choose Your Goal:
1. Fat Loss: If your primary goal is to get lean, this challenging fat-loss fitness program will shake up your workouts. Bonus... it's fun, too!
2. Sports Performance: Training for a specific sport like hockey, football, baseball? Our sports-specific program helps you increase speed, power, mobility and strength to develop the athlete in you.
3. Post-Rehab: If you have one or more specific injuries that are healing or you are post-rehab, choose this program to help you continue healing, and get stronger and better than you were before!
4. Golf Fitness: From the weekend warrior to the Tour player, no one programs for golfers better than Coastal Performance. Trusted by the top athletes and players, the Golf Fitness program focuses on mobility, swing mechanics, power and athleticism to improve your game.
5. Strength & Power: If you're a seasoned weight trainer, want to increase your big lifts, get jacked and/or increase muscle mass, this advanced strength program is for you.

What You Get:

  • Phone or email consultation with a Coastal Performance coach
  • An individualized training program with access online, iPhone app and full exercise video library
  • Official coach & client check in once per week
  • Email access to your coach up to twice per week

Month: $349 / Three-month commitment: $299/mo.

Take your programming and your body to the next level with our Premium Distance Coaching. This specific program includes a consultation and assessment with owner Brendan Hayden (in-person or via Skype). He will design you a custom program based on YOUR specific goals, no matter what they may be.

What You Get:

  • Live or video consultation and full assessment with Brendan Hayden
  • A fully customized training program, tailored specifically to you and your goals

  • Access online, iPhone app and full exercise video library
  • Official coach & client check in once per week with Brendan
  • Email access to Brendan Hayden up to twice per week

Add Premium Nutrition Coaching for Ultimate Results!

Coastal Performance's Nutrition Coaching is the perfect add-on to your Distance Training program to help you get results even faster. As the saying goes, the better the diet, the better the body... and we couldn't agree more! Work with our nutrition guru and chiropractor, Dr. Jordan Zabriskie, to help you get your diet on track.

Jordan Zabriski.jpg

Dr. Jordan Zabriskie, BS, DC:
-Sports Chiropractic Physician and Nutritional Specialist

Born and raised in Arlington, Virginia outside of Washington, D.C., “Dr. Z” has been an athlete his entire life. His passion for sports and nutrition are an integral part of his health care and wellness practice.

Dr. Z suffered a severe spinal injury while an undergrad that would forever change his life and career choice. It was a chiropractor that helped to transform his outlook on health care and alleviated his pain. He has taken that experience to fuel his ambition to help others, as he once was. A large part of mitigating and healing his spinal condition was nutrition.

Dr. Zabriskie did extensive research over the past 10 years combining multiple philosophies on nutrition to create an anti-inflammatory diet that is most conducive to decreasing pain, reducing overall body fat percentage, and decrease inflammation naturally. Dr. Z graduated Cum Laude from University of Florida Gainesville, FL with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Sciences and Magna Cum Laude with a cumulative 3.9 average from Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida in 2007.

Six-week Commitment: $200 / Three-month commitment: $99 per month

Start with our basic Nutrition Coaching plan from Dr. Jordan Zabriskie, where he teaches you how to make better choices and fit nutrition into a busy life. Establish proper dietary choices to improve your outcomes and increase your efficiency with CP's specialized coaching programs.

Choose Your Specific Goals:

1. Weight Loss: Decrease your BMI and overall body weight, pick your goal weight loss and we will provide a tailored program to help you achieve the results you desire.
2. Weight Gain:  Gain “clean” bodyweight and solid increases that you will sustain, while not have unwanted body fat percentage increase.
3. Increased Energy: Feeling tired on a daily basis? Want to increase your energy levels with work, sports, or play? This may be the program for you!
4. Sports Performance: Creating a diet specifically to help you sustain and improve your athletic ability in the sport or sports of your choice.

What You Get:

  • Full review of goals and current meal plain via email by Dr. Z
  • Individualized nutritional programs will be emailed to you after analyzing present meal plan/goals and updated accordingly.

Six-week Commitment: $325 / Three-month commitment: $250/month

Take your diet to the next level with Premium Nutrition Coaching. Dr. Z will create a customized program for you based on your particular goals, with proper calories, macro and micronutrients. Take the guesswork out of your diet and leave it to a professional. This is the absolute best nutrition coaching there is!

What You Get:

  • Live or video consultation and initial assessment with Dr. Z
  • A fully customized training program, tailored specifically to you and your goals
  • Official weekly check in with Dr. Z. for 30 minutes
  • Email access to Dr. Z up to twice per week